Live-in Caregiver program is designed for those persons who are employed outside the home or work from their home and maintains an office in their home and requires Live-in Care for their children who are 14 and under. A mother needing extra help, an elderly person or a disabled person is also eligible for Live-in Care. You also have to be able to provide a private bedroom for your Caregiver.

The Live-in Caregiver program provides professional Caregivers for employment in Canada. These include:

      v      Nannies  

v      Those qualified in care for children with special needs   

v      Disabled care workers   

v      Seniors home support care workers 

We provide Caregivers from Europe, Philippines, India , and many more. 

There are many benefits of employing a live-in nanny.  The mornings become much more relaxing for you, after your caregiver takes over. When your children become ill, Day cares will not take them back until they are well again. Nannies also do housekeeping, your child gets one-on-one attention in your home. And you get to spend more quality time with your family!

If you are interested to employ live-in nanny, please download application by clicking on applications.

Also visit the website on www.cic.gc.ca, where you will find out all details about processing and the program. Or simply call us with any questions connected with process.

After we will find the right nanny for you, we will personally visit your home and bring you applications of Caregivers available. After you will choose the Caregiver which meets your needs, we will start the process and provide you with contract as well.

When Caregiver arrives to the city, we will pick her up at the airport and drop her off right in your home.


The agency placement fee for a Live-in Caregiver is $ 695 (plus GST), For local nannies the fee is payable when the contract is signed, for overseas nannies a deposit of 25% is payable when the contact is signed and remaining payable when the nanny arrives to your home.

There is 2 months replacement period. If for some reason you are not happy with your caregiver, within 2 months from the start day, the agency will find you a new nanny free of charge.



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