(INFO FOR NANNY)


      All applying for Live-in Caregiver, must follow this criteria: 


       Successful completion of the equivalent of a Canadian grade twelve education  

       12 months as a caregiver experience or 6 months full time training in field or occupation related to the job you are seeking  

       Ability to speak, read, understand either the English or French language (must be able to function independently in a home setting e.g. to contact emergency services if required, etc.  

       Must have clean criminal record check (In case of overseas nannies, there is necessary to get criminal record check in country of your permanent residence, and also if there is another country you spent a period of time longer than a year in previous 5 years, e.g. au-pair in USA, or as an au-pair in England, etc..)  

       Must pay a fee for processing of application. Contact the Canadian Consulate or Embassy to find out about the fee. Fee only covers the cost of handling the application. You will not get your money back, if visa office refuses your application. Also there will be a cost for medical examination, passport, visitor`s visa (if you require one) and travel expences  

       We suggest to get a First Aid/CPR Certificate done before coming to Canada . This training can also be completed here. But because most of the families require the First Aid Certificate, it will be easier to place a nanny to the family who already got one.  

Overseas live-in Caregiver must work on a FULL TIME basis, in a LIVE-IN ONLY and MUST NOT work for more than 1 employer at the time.


v      Read carefully about the live-in caregiver program  

v      Print out and fill out the form (under applications)  

v      Mail the documents to our agency using regular post (please, send us a copies, you will need originals for the embassy):  

       Application form

       Dear family letter

       Recent photographs (include some with the children if you can)

       Minimum 2 letters of reference (in English)

       Copy of school diploma translated to English

       Criminal Record Check translated to English

       Translation of the confirmation of completion of 6 months training (don`t send, if you have completed a year as an Caregiver in other country before)

       First Aid Certificate (if you have one)  

(We will contact you when we will receive the paperwork)  

v      We will inform you about the possible family interested in you. 


v      After you agreed with your new employer, the employer will submit a request to hire you at Human Resources Center (HRC) Canada (we will also send you a contract to sign)  

v      Once the offer of Employment has been validated by HRC, HRC officials will forward the request to the visa office abroad  

v      You will be invited for an interview at the visa office in your country. Visa office will determine, if you are eligible to come to Canada as a live-in caregiver. You will need all your documents, passport, fee money, photographs to bring with you  

v      After the visa office approves your application, you will be given instructions for medical check  

v      If Immigration Canada officials receive proof that your medical results are satisfactory and you have met all other requirement, you will be issued AN EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION. An Employment Authorization is not a travel document. You must get a passport (and visitor`s visa if required depend on a country you are coming from)  

v      Book your flight ticket  

v      Our agency representative will pick you up at the airport, and drive you to the family. We will stay in contact with you and we will make sure, your stay is going smoothly and is enjoyable. Also in case of any problems, please contact us. We will be more than happy to help you out.  


The Live-in Caregiver Program provides professional caregivers for employment in Canada. These include:


v      Nannies

v      Those qualified in care for children with special  needs  

v      Disabled care workers

v      Seniors home support care workers

Employer provides  


v      acceptable working condition

v      reasonable duties

v      fair market wages

v      accommodation that ensure privacy (private bathroom), freedom of access to the home  


Employer usually provides the medical coverage.  In case Employer does not provide medical coverage, nanny is responsible to provide her medical coverage herself.

Foreign Live-in Caregivers have the same legal rights as Canadians to fair working conditions and fair treatment from their employers.

Waiting periods for individuals to be processed by the Canadians offices overseas vary considerably upon work loads in the Embassies. Generally, processing time from European countries is approximately 3 months, other countries 6 months up to 1 year and in some cases longer.

Approximate salary you can expect

The salary is based on your experience. Based on number of persons in household. The minimum amount that can be paid:

House members        Hourly Rate                      Monthly Rate  

            4                      $ 8.00                           $ 1,408.00  

            5                      $ 8.38                           $ 1,474.88  

            6                      $ 8.76                           $ 1,541.76  

            7                      $ 9.14                           $ 1,608.64  

            8                      $ 9.52                           $ 1,675.52  


For each additional family member beyond eight, add $ 3.00 per day. These rates are calculated on the basis of 22 working days/month and 8 working hours/day. These rates are effective since January 1, 2006.

From the above salary you must deduct: Income Tax, Canada Pension Plan Contribution, Employment Insurance, Room and Board (maximum deduction for Room and Board is $ 325).


You need 24 months of employment as a live-in caregiver to apply for permanent residence in Canada . This 24 month time period does not include any time away from Canada . E.g. if you are on vacation that time will not be included as part of the 24 months employment. Also, in case you will change the family for any reason, the time between when you look for the new Employer and waiting for the new employment authorization does not count. You must be able to complete 24 months of employment within 36 month period. If you don`t do so, you have to start whole process all over again.



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